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Our Company is the most recent in modern cloud-based worker tracking software application and spy software application that enables you to from another location set up the tracking system on any computer system you own.  No keeping in mind long IP addresses or straight linking to the remote PC - all you need to do is point your web browser to your protected member's location to see logs from any PC's you release Our Company on! Realtime-Spy's detailed tracking functions undetectably log whatever users do on your computer system.

Our Company needs no physical setup, and enables you to really see activity logs in real-time from any place, at any time!
A user activity tracking option that allows business to log, keep, evaluate and report on worker activity. Our Company develops a conclusive record of a worker's digital activity, and in doing so offers companies with the capability to see the context of user actions. Our Company Cloud is a safe web service that gets active title bar log information, screenshots, and alarm history from the Our Company Agents.

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